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Sermons for March

Commitment Sunday

Rev. María McCabe

March 3

As we celebrate a year of growth and learning, how will we ensure that our life-affirming faith and this beloved community will remain strong for many future generations of spiritual seekers? Come share your inspiration and be inspired by the spirit of communal generosity.

This is the day to turn in your pledge for FY 2020 beginning May 1.

We Make the Road by Walking

Rev. María McCabe

March 10

They were two of the most influential progressive thinkers of the 20th century. Paulo Freire from Brazil influenced educators all over the world and Myles Horton from rural Tennessee created the Highlander Center where Rosa Parks studied non-violent social action. In this landmark conversation they teach us to make the road of change as we travel upon it.

Today’s Social Justice Collection supports UU Legislative Ministries in Maryland.
A potluck luncheon follows the service.

Spring Equinox

Members of the Worship Committee

March 17

Come join us as we once again celebrate the coming of Spring. The Vernal Equinox is the time of year when the day and night are equal in length and the balance of the year has shifted: Winter is on the wane and Spring officially begins. We will celebrate this time of rebirth for the earth and examine balance in our lives.

Journey of Recovery

Rev. María McCabe

March 24

In this service we will explore the journey of recovery from life-crushing addiction. At a time when opioids, food, sex, spending and other devastating habits are destroying so many families and communities we will remember that there are paths to healing and health.

To Be A Pilgrim

Rev. María McCabe

March 31

For as long as humans have recorded our history, we have stories of holy quests, travels to sacred places and sometimes journeys to discover our inner truth. Can we learn something valuable and new today from this ancient spiritual practice?