Fellowship NUUws and Discussion

Updated Covid Policy

Updated 28 April 2022

Stay Informed: Thursday NUUwsbytes

Each Thursday our Church Administrator Karen Kurrle emails updated news for the week.

Contact Karen Kurrle (410-734-7122 | office@uufhc.net).

Current Newsletter

Our Newsletter is published monthly and is posted online at www.uufhc.net/newsletter.pdf. A limited number of hardcopies are available at the Fellowship. We also maintain an online Newsletter Archive.

The Newsletter deadline for submitting articles is the second Sunday of each month. Newsletter articles can be submitted by members of the congregation via email to newsletter@uufhc.net or hardcopy can be placed in the Newsletter mailbox located on the church office door.

Contact Newsletter Editor Kay Saucier (410-569-0975 | newsletter@uufhc.net)

forum@uufhc.net Email Group

The purpose of this group is twofold:

  • to provide a place to post and receive information related to the Fellowship and its mission;
  • to provide a forum for discussion—political or otherwise.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, or to let us know your email address has changed, please send a message to webmaster@uufhc.net.

Literature Rack

Check the literature racks in the coat rack hall. If you missed the information about the Rowe Conference Center, SUUSI, and UUMAC for the summer and autumn, please be aware that there are so many wonderful opportunities for families and single persons to extend the realm of fellowship and to meet other UUs at these UU-sponsored places.

Besides camp and conference information, there are periodicals which you may take home, read and bring back, or pass along to others. Magazines such as UU World, HOPE, Science & Spirit, UTNE, and many others are in the racks. Catalogs from the fair trade artisans and teaching tapes are interesting! You don't have to sign-out anything. If you have some to contribute, simply place in the mailbox marked Literature Rack with your name and telephone number if you are not a member. No obvious political items, please. Enjoy!