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Sermons for April

In the Quiet

Join Service via Zoom

Rev. María McCabe

April 5

What are we learning about ourselves and the story we tell about our lives in this time of silence and isolation? Perhaps there is a much needed gift in these days of quiet.


Join Service via Zoom

Rev. María McCabe

April 12

Easter Sunday is traditionally a time to celebrate new life and the triumph of life in the face of death. In this service we will take a pause in the midst of loss and sadness to affirm the goodness of life's many gifts and the triumph of the human spirit.

Honoring Mother Earth

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Rev. María McCabe

April 19

On the anniversary of Earth Day, we will renew our connection to the earth that sustains us and heals us. Join us for a series of reflections by Ron Henry, Sara Brinkerhoff and Allison Ehrman. Listen to messages of hope and gratitude from, and for, the Earth which sustains us.

The True Heart of Bravery

Rev. María McCabe

April 26

Trögyam Trungpa invites us to smile at our fear. The true foundation of warriorship, he teaches, is to face ourselves and work with the fears we hold.

Agenda for UUFHC 2020 Annual Meeting (following the service)

  1. Message from the Board President
  2. Presentation of the 2020–2021 budget
  3. Vote on the proposed budget
  4. Presentation of 2020–2021 Board member nominations
  5. Vote on Board nominations

All committee reports will be sent or posted before the meeting for the congregation to review.