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Sermons for February

Cultivating Resilience

Rev. María McCabe

February 2

We will explore together the ways each of us can learn to cultivate and prioritize our capacity for resilience, so that we can meet life’s challenges, process our experiences and move forward with our lives.

Gaming for Resilience

Rev. María McCabe

February 9

There are those who say that games, especially video games, are a true waste of time. But what if they’re not? What if gaming could actually help us strengthen our resilience? Come to this service to learn how!

Social Justice Collection today!
A potluck follows the service.

Inspiration Sunday

Rev. María McCabe

February 16

Join us to be inspired by the mission and passion of Unitarian Universalism. As a former president of our Association once said, when it comes to social justice and human rights, we punch above our weight class.

Voices of Social Justice

Social Justice Committee

February 23

In this service we will hear the voices of our congregation’s visionaries for social justice. What drives us to this work, how do we stay motivated, and how do we maximize our impact while leaning into our core Unitarian Universalist values? The members of the UUFHC Social Justice Committee will share the pulpit.