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Sermons for January

Call and Response

Rev. María McCabe

January 7

In the music and religious observance of the African diaspora, the tradition of ‘call and response’ engages leaders and participants in active dialogue and partnership. In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, to 'call' a minister is a deeply meaningful religious act. This service will explore the historic tradition of calling our ministers and the active dialogue and partnership that come from our shared ministry.

Where do We Go From Here?

Rev. María McCabe

January 14

In this, his fourth book, Martin Luther King, Jr. offers a stark choice: chaos or community? In this service we will explore the historic resonance of Dr. King’s prophetic vision for the world. Where have we heeded his call and what can we still learn today from his ministry?

Today's Social Justice collection supports Homeless Concerns.
A potluck luncheon follows the service.

A Deeper Silence

Rev. María McCabe

January 21

Richard Rohr, the founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation invites us into silence before we jump into trying to change the world. He says: we need less reformation and more transformation. At a time when many among us hear the call to social justice, do we have time for silence?

The Golden Rule

RE Service

January 28

Once a year the students of the RE Program run the entire service. From start to finish, the students handle announcements, music, readings, a story, and the sermon. This year's RE Service will focus on The Golden Rule, and how there are versions of it in nearly every faith around the world. Come experience the positive energy and wisdom of our young people!