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Sermons for May

The Feminine Face of God

Join Service via Zoom

Rev. María McCabe

May 3

For thousands of years, we’ve been taught to believe that God is masculine in nature. In this service we will trace feminine divine, especially in her guise of wisdom.

Our Mothers’ Stories

Join Service via Zoom

Rev. María McCabe

May 10

We have been taught to perceive our mothers primarily in their role as our parents and our caregivers. What if we learned to hear their stories and learned to see them as people?

Celebrating 80 Years of UUSC

Rev. Katherine Morn

May 17

Please join us for a special virtual Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Sunday with UUSC President and CEO, Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, as we explore how congregations have brought our Unitarian Universalist values to the fight for human rights since UUSC’s founding in 1940.

Sacred Thresholds

Join Service via Zoom

Rev. María McCabe

May 24

Times of transition and change often feel uncomfortable and even painful, especially if they are not of our own choosing. What if we understood ourselves to be on a ‘sacred threshold’ to a new life?

Greater Love: When giving your all means making the ultimate sacrifice

Join Service via Zoom

Kimberly Roberts and Sara Brinkerhoff

May 31

Today we remember those who gave their lives for the life of another. Whether on the battlefield, the streets and homes of our cities, the frontlines of a struggle against a pandemic, we honor their memory.

There will be a special Candles of Remembrance in which you will have the opportunity to name someone you would like to remember.