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Sermons for July

Please note: Services will begin at 9:30 am during the summer.

How to Stay Woke About the 7th Principle (Podcast | Text)

Tammy Gappen

July 1

Many of us recycle, some of us hike in the woods, and others drive hybrid vehicles. It can be easy to think of these activities as optional. This message encourages us all to take a look at our place in the interconnected web of which we are a part.

I Lived!

Terri Bogle-Smith

July 8

If today was your last day in this life, could you look back happy or would you see a long list of regrets? Today, let’s talk about living each day to the fullest, taking chances, and being able to truly say: I lived.

Overcoming Adversity

Hazel Hopkins

July 15

We will hear from folks whose lives have encountered a series of misfortunes and yet through their own intestinal fortitude and with the assistance of non-profits in our area, they have been successful in plotting out a new life for themselves. You will be uplifted after hearing their stories.

Tao De Machine

Marc Petrequin

July 22

What does it truly mean to be human, and what is our spiritual relationship with the machines we rely on to make life easier?  How can we avoid becoming like machines and ensure that the positive aspects of humanity avoid obsolescence?  Join us as we explore these questions and apply our Unitarian Universalist principles in this ‘Tao De Machine.’

Taking the Ring to Mordor

Sandy Gibbons

July 29

J.R.R. Tolkien's tale of an unassuming Every Hobbit's journey into the moral wilderness to destroy the Ring of Power offers powerful spiritual lessons in how we can treat each other, how we help those in need, and what we decide to do with the time that is given to us.