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Sermons for July

What Have We Wrought

JoAnn Macdonald

July 7

Our ancestors set the bar high, the late Rev. Forrest Church states in The American Creed, A Biography of the Declaration of Independence. Let us gather and share UU history from our roots in our 243 year-old American democratic republic.

Science vs. Belief

Lisa Nickerson

July 14

The UU Conundrum.


Sandy Gibbons

July 21

Our culture is filled with myths, legends, stories of heroic resistance to oppressive regimes, religious orders and worldly empires. Indeed, promotion of justice and resistance against injustice is a core tenet of our UU faith. This service will explore some of the inner spiritual work—our own struggles against the physical, material, and spiritual temptations that must accompany our external gestures if we are truly to build the beloved community.

Unitarianism and the Problem of Evil

Don Mathis

July 28

In our UUFHC Order of Service, under Unitarian Universalism draws from many Sources, the second item refers to confront powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love.  While the traditional problem of evilM focuses on juxtaposing the existence of evil in the world in the realm of a benevolent, all powerful God, my message will touch on that and also focus on the philosophical questions and possible responses to evil (human-driven and natural).