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Sermons for August

Reclaiming Eden (podcast | html | pdf)

Marc Petrequin

August 4

Our inability to live sustainably has brought us to an existential confrontation with the question of the type of natural world we want to inhabit.  How do we humans address the mistakes of our past to create a future wherein we maintain a balance with the interdependent web of life of which we are all a part?  Join us as we explore the impact of our legacy of neglect, and how we can apply faith to forge a new legacy for ourselves and future generations to follow.

Annual Poetry Service

Worship Committee

August 11

Please join us for this special service where we will share poems and music that have had special meaning to us along our spiritual paths.  Contact Kimberly Roberts if you would like to be a part of this service. The poems and music may be your own or another artist’s, and music may be live or recorded.

Loving the World

Rev. María McCabe

August 18

In this service we will explore the spiritual practice of extending loving kindness toward the world we live in and how this practice can change the way we feel inside our own lives.

Lessons from the Movement

Rev. María McCabe

August 25

Our beloved Unitarian Universalism is charting a new path for our faith in today’s world. How might we harness ‘the power of we’ to deepen our religious experience and connect in more meaningful ways with one another. In this service we will explore lessons from this year’s General Assembly.