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Sermons for June

Why Should I Care

Join Service via Zoom

Rev. María McCabe

June 7

One of the newest and most intriguing areas of brain research is the study of compassion. Is it true that we’re all in it for ourselves alone? Or is it possible that it’s really about the survival of the kindest?

For Fathers' Day

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Rev. María McCabe

June 14

At a time when #MeToo, shifting gender roles and charges of toxic masculinity abound, can we still celebrate our fathers?

Solstice Service

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Worship Committee

June 21

Our Worship Committee is planning a very special virtual solstice service. We will be sending suggestions on how you can participate at home! Keep an eye out for details in upcoming NUUwsbytes.

Time is Not What It Seems

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Rob Lieb

June 28

Our perception of time has been learned from our experience on Earth. As we learn more, we come to find there are some things we got wrong.

Our perception of time is an illusion created by our memories and our ability to predict the near future. R. J. Lieb