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Sermons for January

Finding Your True North

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Rev. Amanda Aikman

January 3

How well does your inner GPS guide you to make decisions, large and small? Do you believe in a divinely ordained path for your life, or do you believe we each figure it all out on our own? Let’s look at discernment, and how we come to figure out what our true path is—and not just personally, but as a people, a community, a nation.

The Rev. Amanda Aikman lives in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle. She retired recently after 23 years as a UU parish minister, serving congregations in Washington and in British Columbia. Amanda has won over a dozen national sermon contests. She is a playwright with over a dozen plays, mainly short comedies. Rev. Aikman is currently writing a novel.

The Imagine Step

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Rev. María McCabe

January 10

All the preparation and all the careful planning in the world may amount to very little unless we give our imagination free rein. How do we harness the power of our collective imagination to serve the greater good?

The Second Sunday Social Justice Collection this month supports The Sharing Table.
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Life After COVID-19

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Rev. María McCabe

January 17

As we come closer to the light at the end of the long tunnel of the global pandemic, can we imagine what the future might hold for us? Or even what we want it to hold?

A Dream Deferred

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Rev. María McCabe

January 24

'What happens to a dream deferred?' writes the great poet Langston Hughes in his poem Harlem. 'Does it dry up/like a raisin in the sun?' In this service we will explore what happens when our dreams are blocked from coming to fruition, and is this a justice issue?

Dance in the Desert, Bring Your Tambourine

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Rev. Erin J. Walter

January 31

The new year starts with renewed energy and purpose, even in a pandemic. Drawing upon scripture, spiritual practice, and original music, Unitarian Universalist Rev. Erin Walter will reflect on how to foster joy and gratitude in the midst of our ongoing struggles.

Rev. Erin J. Walter is a minster, activist, and musician based inAustin and winner of the 2017 Sermon Award from the UU Women’s Federation. A former YMCA Director, Rev. Erin is the singer/songwriter for the band, Parker Woodland, whose music you’ll hear in this service. She serves as a board member for the Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry and is the Affiliated Community Minister of Wildflower (UU) Church in Austin. You can find out more about her music and ministry at ErinWalter.com.