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Sermons for November

In Memoriam

Rev. María McCabe

November 4

In this service we will honor the loved ones we have lost, especially those who have passed in the last year. Please bring a small token of remembrance to share on our memorial altar. You might share a photograph, a cherished object or a written message.

Remember to Breathe

Rev. María McCabe

November 11

Regardless of how this year’s national elections turn out, we will need to take the time together to breathe and reconnect with our deepest and best selves. In this service we will take time to remember who we are and whose we are.

Social Justice collection this Sunday
A potluck luncheon follows the service.

Remembering Goodness

Rev. María McCabe

November 18

As Unitarian Universalists we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. In this service we will smile together as we relive happy memories of all the goodness we have experienced.

A Native American Thanksgiving Ceremony

Ron Henry and the Buffalo Trace Society

November 25

A UUFHC tradition for several years! The Buffalo Trace Society invites you to participate in a Native American Thanksgiving Ceremony. Please bring some small symbols that represent the Animal Kingdom (no live critters, please!) the Plant Kingdom, Foodstuffs, Creatures of the Air (Birds, Insects…) and Water (fish, frogs…). Those objects will be placed around the Altar when indicated during the Ceremony. Children are welcome!