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Faith Formation for Children and Youth

Faith Formation Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to guide our children and youth in the study of UU principles and heritage, moral values, social responsibility, and diverse religious ideas in a safe and resourceful environment, enabling them to develop their faith and understanding as Unitarian Universalists.

Faith Formation Program

Hey there – I'm Jenn Blosser your new Director of Faith Formation! I wanted to offer you a chance to get to know me a little bit, so I thought I'd share some incredibly boring facts about myself. I think boring facts are perhaps my favorite facts to learn about people. It's never hard to think of something boring about yourself and, more often than not, those facts are always actually rather interesting! So, here are some boring things about me:

  • I love gravy to such a degree that would rather lick my plate than let any go to waste.
  • The idea of being in really deep water terrifies me, but I love swimming.
  • It takes three pillows for me to get comfortable in bed.
  • I don't own any sneakers.
  • Last week, I made Chex mix for the first time.
  • Spitfire, Zebulon (Zebby), Blackbeard, and Rocket are the names of my fancy goldfish.
  • When I shower, I always start by washing my hair.
  • Rainy weather makes me homesick for England, where I spent my childhood.

I wonder if any boring facts about you are similar to mine? I look forward to finding out as we journey in faith together!