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Our Acting Director of Religious Education,
Anne Dodson

Anne Dodson

Anne Dodson is our Acting Director of Religious Education.

She is dedicated to the success and growth of our RE Program and is passionate about nurturing young minds to ensure they gain a strong foundation of principles, strong sense of self, remain curious, enjoy exploring new things, embrace diversity and are well-rounded, productive community members.

Anne had been working as a Caregiver in the Nursery and brings to the role a lifetime of customer service experience, strong communication, attention to detail, leadership and problem solving skills. Her previous career experience also includes human resources and management. She is excited to help shape the direction of our RE program and aid in it’s growth. She will be working closely with our Board, the RE Committee, Parent Support Group, parents, and volunteers to evaluate and improve the program. Anne is very excited to continue to support the Fellowship and is looking forward to getting to know all of our members and guests.

To discuss the hopes you have for your child's religious education or to volunteer in some way to support our co-op program, please contact Anne at dre@uufhc.net

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